ven before going to college, Tim had already begun to put his artistic talents to work. Skilled as an airbrush artist, he found his medium in illustration. Barely out of school, he began working in NJ with a boutique agency, Pearson Carchia as a designer and staff illustrator. Later he teamed up with his college mentor and professor, John Hatzikalfas to form a thriving design studio in Somerville, NJ. Opportunities led to design and illustration work for many diverse companies such as music companies, pharmaceutical, and industrial clients. All fun stuff.
He was even lured into the automotive world of custom paint and finishing, where he formed a business with a good friend. Here Tim was allowed to work with a very different medium, in a much larger scale, with polished and crystal clear results. Still working with a variety of ad agencies in NJ, it was inevitable that he set his sites for New York City. He landed a job as an art director with Jordan, McGrath, Case and Taylor, where he worked on print and tv for numerous international and national accounts, such as Tonka, Nestle, and Proctor & Gamble, while continuing his freelance illustration business. About that time he met his wife Pam Voth, a prolific designer and art director. Years later, both freelancing, they formed their own company called Voth Barrall Design. Working from their NYC studio, Tim gets assignments throughout the country and continues to work for major book publishing companies, ad agencies, graphic design firms, and marketing groups. He stays busy creating visuals for a wide range of subject matter from pharmaceutical to Broadway theatre. The work keeps him challenged and looking forward.